Learn about Dr. Haberstock's Legacy

Born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Dr. Haberstock’s family moved to Edmonton in 1956, and he was raised in the Beverly area. After graduating from Eastglen Composite High School, he attended the University of Alberta beginning in 1973. In 1975 he was accepted into the Dentistry program at the University of Alberta, graduating in 1979.

While in dental school, he showed an early interest in orthodontics, and before beginning his 4th year of Dentistry, he travelled in the summer of 1978 to several universities in the USA, visiting the chairmen, the instructors, and the students of various Departments of Orthodontics to assess their programs and curriculums.

He applied to only 3 of the universities he visited and was accepted into the orthodontic program at the University of Connecticut (UCONN) Health Center (his first choice). What began as a 3 year Masters program extended into 4 years as his research took longer to complete. His research involved the mechanical analysis of symmetrical extra-oral traction appliances (headgear facebows).

Following his graduation from the UCONN health center, Dr. Haberstock has provided orthodontic treatment in Edmonton since 1983. He is currently an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, teaching treatment planning and biomechanics to the Graduate Students in the Orthodontic Division. He sold his practice to Dr. Roberto Pereira in 2017, and will finish practicing in December, 2021.

Aside from work, he has enjoyed married life with his wife Leanne since 1988, and together they are the proud parents of 3 children.

In his spare time, he enjoys visiting car shows, and working on his vehicles. His first car, a 1976 Trans-Am has been completely restored, and he is currently in the process of restoring his second car, a 1987 Firebird GTA.

Dr. Haberstock has now decided that it is time to enjoy other aspects of life, like spending more time with his family.

We wish you Dr. Haberstock, all the best in this new phase of your life. Enjoy your retirement and all the exciting adventures that comes with it!