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"Absolutely incredible first experience with Ortho Place. My family dentist referred me to Ortho Place in Edmonton. I was his first referral to Ortho Place so he didn't have much to tell me about what I should expect.

Before I even made the 4-hour trip, the staff on the phone were very welcoming and walked me through what I should expect. When I arrived I was greeted by very polite staff and treated as I was just as important as any other patient. They were prompt at getting me in for my scheduled time which is something that was of utmost importance to me having made the 4-hour drive specifically for the appointment.

While being treated, Dr. Singh was pleasant, caring, and honest. She doesn't sugarcoat anything but explains everything well and with reason. She spent extra time answering my questions as my issue was a bit more complex than I had dealt with in the past. These decisions I had to make will be life-changing for me,  and it is easy to trust her opinion.

The front desk staff was once again very polite when giving me a quote to submit to my health benefits.

Oddly enough, I'm excited to go back for the number of visits I'll have to make regarding my condition. Highly recommend this place. Clean, friendly, comfortable and doesn't feel like a dentist's office (which is a good thing)!! I don't like getting dental work done, but Ortho Place makes the experience a good one!"


"So impressed by the care I received from Dr. Singh and the professional staff at Ortho Place. Dr. Singh took the time to do a full examination and explain to me, in detail, what the problem was and what needed to be done to fix it. Excellent customer service!"


"EVERYTHING!!!  The Doctor is gentle and sensitive. the staff is gracious. the work she's done on me is slow but sure. if you are looking for a compassionate, thorough treatment I highly recommend Ortho Place."